Logic and 1-800-273-8255

Logic and 1-800-273-8255

We know that every day, people are helping themselves and others get through their darkest moments. For every one person who tragically dies by suicide in the United States, there are approximately 278 people who have experienced serious thoughts about killing themselves, the overwhelming majority of whom will go on to live out their lives.

These untold stories of hope and recovery are the stories of suicide prevention, stories that inform the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s efforts to prevent more suicides every day. The Lifeline, administered by MHA-NYC, is committed to advancing suicide prevention and setting a high bar for crisis care by linking people everywhere to immediate crisis services, referrals, and support, while setting the national standards for best practices, empowering individuals to help others, and building community engagement.

Raising awareness of suicide prevention and the message that help, hope and healing are happening are top priorities. In April, a song made all the difference in spreading this message, becoming a milestone for suicide prevention. Def Jam artist Logic released his single “1-800-273-8255” a tribute to the Lifeline and a source of hope for anyone in despair who hears the song when they need it most. On the day of its release, the Lifeline received the second highest daily call volume in its history.

When Logic visited MHA-NYC’s office last spring, he talked about writing the song, taking on the personal challenge of stepping into the shoes of a suicidal caller. Logic’s song tells an untold, often-true story that people need to hear: that most Lifeline callers in crisis feel better after their call. Thanks to Logic’s song, more people in need have reached out to the Lifeline, with an over 25% growth in call volume. Some distressed callers have even mentioned his song. On the day of the song’s release, the Lifeline’s Facebook page saw 3 times its usual traffic and Lifeline’s Twitter account had over 1 million impressions in the 5-day period after the song’s release.

Logic has powerfully used his creative voice to take on suicide prevention as a societal responsibility, underscoring that everyone can take action to prevent suicide.

“I wrote this song for anyone in a dark place and who can’t seem to find the light. The Lifeline is often that light for people in crisis.”
— Logic, Def Jam Artist

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline answered over 1.8 million calls last year.