Circle of Security

Circle of Security


Developing Better Informed Communities

With an estimated 54 million Americans living with a mental disorder in any given year, we all need to be able to recognize the signs of emotional distress, and understand when and how to get help for ourselves and our loved ones.

Workshops, presentations, and trainings are just some of the ways MHA-NYC educates individuals, families, service providers, workplaces, and communities about common mental health challenges, how to support someone, and ways to find assistance. We are building towards a world where we all understand as much about our mental health as we do about our physical health.

Educating Caregivers, Helping Children Thrive

Good mental health begins in childhood, so it is critical for parents and caregivers to lay a solid emotional foundation for the children in their lives. MHA-NYC’s Circle of Security parent coaching program helps adults do exactly that.

Through a series of scientifically grounded, interactive workshops, parents and caregivers are taught how to read their children’s behavioral signals and how to supportively respond to their children’s emotional needs. Classes are offered in English and Spanish, free of charge, to at-risk families at Early Head Start programs, Community Centers, WIC Centers, and more. By teaching parents how to provide supportive environments where their children can learn and thrive, MHA-NYC is giving children the best chance possible to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

According to Angela Mora-Vargas, Assistant Vice President of Programs, “Being a parent isn’t easy but through Circle of Security, parents don’t have to do it alone. We provide parents with the tools to understand their children’s needs, creating lasting security for the child and greater satisfaction and confidence for the parent.”

“Being a parent isn’t easy but through Circle of Security, parents don’t have to do it alone.”
— Angela Mora-Vargas

MHA’s Circle of Security (COS) Parent Coaching Program is the largest scale implementation of COS in the country, educating over 1,400 parents and caregivers every year.