Advancing Care. Improving Lives.


MHA-NYC is a nonprofit organization with local roots and a national reach, which for nearly 50 years, has been leading the way in mental health. Every year, we reach over one million people with mental and behavioral challenges through high-quality, innovative programs.


– a provider of a wide range of behavioral services and supports, promoting emotional wellbeing, assisting those in crisis, and connecting people to care.

– an incubator of innovative solutions, including those that leverage technology to foster emotional wellness.

– an educator, sharing critical information with the public, providers, businesses, and communities to advance behavioral health care.

– an advocate for reform, ensuring that mental health care and the attainment of emotional wellness are fundamental elements of mainstream society.

– a partner, joining forces with technology companies, corporations, health care providers, academic institutions, and other public and private stakeholders across the care continuum.

Today, MHA-NYC is a leader in generating and advocating for powerful solutions that enable people to achieve emotional wellbeing.

Together, we are building a society in which emotional wellness can be a reality for everyone.

Being able to touch so many lives and being able to hear and witness so many touching stories on the NYC Well line is such a rewarding experience.
— Thomas Susinno-Eadicicco, Counselor